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Irvin Yalom Privind Soarele In Fata Pdf Download

Irvin Yalom Privind Soarele In Fata Pdf Download

Irvin Yalom is a renowned American psychiatrist and author who has written several books on existential psychotherapy, such as Love's Executioner, The Gift of Therapy, and When Nietzsche Wept. One of his most popular and influential works is Privind soarele in fata, which means "Staring at the Sun" in Romanian. The book was first published in English in 2008 and translated into Romanian in 2010 by Stefania Mihalache.

Privind soarele in fata is a book that explores the topic of death anxiety, which is the fear of one's own mortality. Yalom argues that death anxiety is a universal human experience that can be a source of both suffering and growth. He draws on his personal and professional experiences, as well as the ideas of other writers and philosophers, to offer insights and strategies for coping with death anxiety. He also shares stories of his patients who have faced their own mortality and how they have overcome their fears.


The book is divided into two parts: the first part deals with the nature and causes of death anxiety, and the second part offers suggestions for overcoming it. Some of the main themes and topics that Yalom discusses are:

  • The wound of mortality: how the awareness of death is a fundamental human condition that shapes our lives and choices.

  • The ripple effect: how death anxiety affects not only ourselves, but also our relationships, our society, and our culture.

  • The awakening experience: how confronting death can lead to a deeper appreciation of life and a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

  • The four ultimate concerns: how death anxiety is related to four existential issues that we all face: isolation, freedom, meaninglessness, and responsibility.

  • The role of therapy: how psychotherapy can help us face our mortality and live more authentically and fully.

  • The power of stories: how stories can help us cope with death anxiety by providing us with examples, metaphors, and inspiration.

Privind soarele in fata is a book that challenges us to confront our fears of death and to embrace life with courage and passion. It is a book that offers hope, wisdom, and compassion to anyone who struggles with death anxiety or who wants to live more fully in the present. It is a book that invites us to stare at the sun without flinching, and to find beauty and joy in the face of mortality.

If you are interested in reading this book, you can download it in PDF format from various online sources. Here are some links where you can find it:

  • []: This is a platform where academics can share their research papers. You can find a PDF version of the book here, uploaded by Iacob Vasile.

  • []: This is another link from the same platform, uploaded by Cenusa Maria.

  • [DOKUMEN.TIPS]: This is a website where you can upload and download documents for free. You can find a PDF version of the book here.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and learning from Irvin Yalom's insights on death anxiety and existential psychotherapy.


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