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[S1E11] Boom Town

Arriving in Rush Valley with Ed and Al, Winry is overjoyed by all the automail engineers, shops and aficionados that line the streets. As they walk through town, numerous onlookers marvel en masse at Edward's impressive prostheses, but when he manages to drive them all away, he realizes that his State Alchemist's pocketwatch has been stolen. Hearing from some locals that it was likely done by the infamous town pickpocket Paninya and that she can usually be found out in the mountains at the home of an automail engineer named Dominic, the gang heads into the mountains just outside of Rush Valley to search for the thief. Spotting her with the watch, the boys give chase with the help of alchemy, but when it seems that they finally have the agile and elusive larcenist cornered, she reveals that her legs are not only both automail, but also each conceal a dangerous weapon, which she uses to escape. However, Paninya is finally caught by Winry, who refuses to let her go until she agrees to allow a close inspection of her admirable appendages.

[S1E11] Boom Town


A sudden rainstorm strands the trio at the LeCoulte house and the Elrics marvel at the fact that Satella is nine months pregnant while Winry asks how she ended up with automail in the first place. Paninya explains that, after she lost her legs and was orphaned in a train accident as a child, she fell into a deep depression. Shortly afterward, she met Dominic, who scolded her for her self-pitying glare and outfitted her with new automail legs for free. Wishing to pay back the man who had saved her from despair, she began picking pockets to gain enough to afford her limbs. Winry, disapproving of this method, advises Paninya to work hard for a living if she really wants to pay Dominic back. Taking her advice, Paninya decides to start her new path by returning Edward's pocketwatch, but when she takes it out to examine it, Winry realizes that Ed has sealed it alchemically. She pries it open with her handy tools, expecting to see something Ed consider embarrassing, but instead sees a message hand-etched into the inside of the cover: "Don't forget 3.Oct.11." Sobered by this esoteric note, Winry resolves once more to ask Dominic for an apprenticeship, but before she can do so, she is met by a panicking Edward who stammers out big news - Satella has gone into labor, causing Winry to scream. Dominic rides toward town to fetch the doctor, since the storm prevents Satella from traveling in her condition, but with the baby only minutes away. Getting over the initial shock, Winry decides that they will simply have to deliver the child themselves. Taking charge, she gives each person a job and steels her nerves to head up the procedure. Ridel asks Edward nervously if Winry knows what she's doing and Ed assures him that Winry comes from a family of doctors and grew up reading medical books instead of picture books; her knowledge may not be perfect, but it's the best they've got by far in this situation.

Dominic expresses his gratitude to Winry for her help when he returns with the doctor, but when Edward suggests that he repay her with an apprenticeship, the stubborn old man refuses yet again. However, he promises to refer her to a skilled engineer friend of his in town and grants her and Paninya the privilege of coming up to the house to visit his new grandson whenever they like. Returning to Rush Valley shortly afterward, Ed and Al rush to catch the next train to Dublith while Winry and Paninya bid them farewell.

At her apartment, Leslie hears a strange sound in the middle of her bath. After exploring, she discovers that the intruder is actually a cat, but she quickly turns around and accidentally hits Jim, in the spur of the moment. Later, after being tended to, Jim tells Leslie the truth about the Ogre and how this case came into his hands. Jim asks her to leave town, but she refuses, knowing that Gordon could catch him. He then confesses his love for her, and the two kiss.[7]

Later, feeling remorse for her recent actions, Lee leaves town on her own to atone, leaving Jim a letter expressing not only her confidence in his ability to save Gotham, but also her love for him, hoping that one day, he will be hers again. 041b061a72


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