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The New Batman Adventures 720p Torrent

The New Batman Adventures

The New Batman Adventures (often shortened as TNBA) is an American animated superhero television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, which aired on Kids' WB from September 13, 1997 to January 16, 1999. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, it is a continuation of Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995), serving as the third season of the show and the third series in the DC Animated Universe. It was followed by Batman Beyond (19992001).


The series had a revamp, replacing the previous art style of its predecessor with streamlined designs for more consistent animation, and to maintain similarity with the simultaneously running Superman: The Animated Series (19962000), with episodes airing on Kids' WB under the title The New Batman/Superman Adventures. Stories in this series tend to give more focus to Batman's supporting cast, which include fellow crimefighters Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl, among others. The show also features guest stars such as Supergirl, Etrigan the Demon and The Creeper, characters who would later appear with Batman in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.


The New Batman Adventures premiered on Kids' WB just two years after Batman: The Animated Series ended its original run on Fox Kids. During the midst of working on Superman: The Animated Series, the network approached the creative team asking them if they could do more episodes of Batman, which would air alongside Superman. To freshen the look of the new show, the art style was revamped from Batman: The Animated Series for more consistent and fluid animation, as well as to keep similarity with Superman: The Animated Series.

The show also had a significant change in focus from the original series, with episodes focusing less on Batman and more on the many characters that inhabited Gotham City.


Batman was given a sleeker, brawnier appearance with an overall darker costume: the yellow ellipse surrounding the bat emblem on his chest and the blue highlights of his cape and cowl were both removed and his utility belt has pouches instead of capsules and is now light brown instead of yellow, which resembles his appearance in Batman: Year One.

The series also introduced new characters and designs for old ones. Tim Drake became the new Robin, replacing Dick Grayson who became Nightwing. Barbara Gordon became a more prominent figure as Batgirl. The Joker's appearance changed significantly: he lost his red lips and yellow teeth and his eyes became black with white pupils. Harley Quinn was given a new costume that resembled a court jester's outfit. Poison Ivy was given a more plant-like appearance with green skin and vines wrapped around her body. Mr. Freeze was redesigned to have a transparent dome over his head that exposed his brain.


The New Batman Adventures received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. It won six Daytime Emmy Awards and was nominated for ten others. It also won two Annie Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music in an Animated Television Production and Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in an Animated Television Production (for Tara Strong as Batgirl). It was ranked as the 92nd best animated series by IGN.


The New Batman Adventures influenced many subsequent Batman media, such as comics, video games and films. The series spawned several tie-in comics, such as The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years and The Batman Adventures: Mad Love. The latter was adapted into an episode of the same name that won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition.

The series also inspired two video games: Batman: Vengeance and Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, which featured the same voice cast and art style as the show. The series also served as a precursor to the Justice League animated series, which featured many of the same characters and actors.



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