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Our store was started from a small family business which established by our Grandmother, Mrs. Imjit Thavornthanasarn since before WWII, almost 100-years-old now. Until this day, our business is still run by all the family members which is third generations already.  Our famous product is "Moonlight Candles". In the past, all the family lived and made candles by hand in "Thavornthanasarn Shop". After our Uncle, Mr. Narong Thavornthanasarn graduated engineer from Germany, we moved to another place, established candles factory and started using machine in candles making. Today, only special candles for special events are still made by hand just like in the past.


       Our store not only sales varieties of candles from big to small, but also sales various products used for traditional Thai perfumes, incences, and fragrants which is used by palace people in the past and groups of people who campaign to conserve Thai Traditions perfumes, incences, and fragrants etc. Our store has exotic ingredients that are hard to find in any other store such as musk wipe, real sandal wood oil, siam benzoin, and so on.

If you come to visit our store, you will feel refreshed smelling just like walking in the flowers garden, and also can be touched by retro-Thai atmosphere since we still conserved almost everything just like when our Grandmother was living.


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