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USA Weightlifting Coaching Accreditation Course... [PATCHED]

This introduction to weightlifting training is open to anyone 17 years of age or older. The scope and sequence of this course includes the teaching progressions of the Snatch, Clean& Jerk, and all associated movements. Participants will gain knowledge and experience of programming of training for both competitive weightlifters and for athletes using the weightlifting movements for strength and power development as it applies their chosen sport. The course includes theoretical classroom, and practical hands-on portions. Course duration is over one weekend and lasts approximately 13-14 hours divided between lecture and practical training. This course is applicable for Strength & Conditioning/Sports Performance, Health & Fitness and beginning level competitive Weightlifting Coaches. Participants who successfully complete USAW's Sport Performance Certification may become USAW Club Coach certified with the subsequent passing of a criminal background screening. 2 Day Course:

USA Weightlifting Coaching Accreditation Course...

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Patrick began coaching Weightlifting in 2009 and has since traveled to spend time training with and learning from many notable coaches in the Weightlifting community including the Eleiko Weightlifting Academy, California Strength/MDUSA, Catalyst Athletics, and Team OC. He has also been an Assistant Instructor for multiple USA Weightlifting certification courses around the state of Florida and has led over 50 seminars and workshops teaching the Olympic lifts to athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Keep Pulling offers full-time Weightlifting training programs and classes, monthly Weightlifting Technique Courses, workshops and seminars, remote coaching, and coaching development, mentorship, and education in addition to frequent community events.

What started as a hiring tool for our own coaching staff now doubles as an accredited internship program with the University of Tampa. Students from the Exercise Science and Human Performance department take part in this 100 hour curriculum which includes a self-written 110 page course manual, section quizzes and reviews, evaluations, hour log book, and specialty activity worksheets. Participants are exposed to scenarios such as weekly training sessions with the team in both assistant and lead coach roles, athlete interactions and meet handling, travel and logistics, training program development, and general business duties.

In addition to being an affiliated employer and approved internship provider for the University of Tampa, Keep Pulling is the affiliated USA Weightlifting Club partner, coaching, and facility resource for the University of South Florida Student Weightlifting Organization.

USA Weightlifting, otherwise known as USAW, is the national governing body overseeing the sport of weightlifting in the United States.[1] USAW is a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), responsible for conducting weightlifting programs throughout the country, and a member of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Top competitors are selected by USAW to compete in major international events such as the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Junior Championships, Pan American Championships and Pan American Games.

The USA Weightlifting National Championships is the pinnacle Olympic weightlifting competition held in the United States. Open to registered USAW athletes (US citizens only) of all ages that reach the qualifying total in their weight class.

Open to registered USAW athletes (US citizenship not required) currently registered at accredited colleges throughout the United States, who reach the qualifying total in their weight class. Athletes competing at the National Collegiate Championships cannot be younger than 15 or older than 28, as of December 31 of the year in which they are competing at this event.

The Club Coach course is aimed at beginning coaches who will be working with competing weightlifters and who want to learn the basics of the Olympic lifts. Material learned covers the foundation of the snatch and the clean and jerk. Progression coaching is used as the tool for teaching the lifts, including push press, overhead squat, muscle lifts, and others.

The aim of this course is at the developing Club Coach graduate who has progressed beyond coaching beginners. The course offers an expanding education for the coach, introducing many Sports Science elements. Instructors will provide candidates with a body of knowledge and practical expertise so that they can develop their lifters from Club standard to National standard and beyond. More emphasis is on programming of training and preparing athletes to compete on the international platform. A more comprehensive biomechanics chapter is included and a number of new topics are introduced such as anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, strength and power principles and general physical preparation.

The main thrust and aim of the course is to progress the Senior Coach Graduate, who is by now, hopefully, coaching and developing national standard lifters, to a point where he/she can develop his/her lifters into international class competitors. The course will also prepare the coach to handle team coaching at international events.

The course is very open-ended and designed to provide the most up-to-date information on a variety of topics. The provision of this information will stimulate the candidates to develop their own coaching philosophies within USAW guidelines. Looking at the sport on an "international" rather than a national context should aid in this endeavor.

The Sports Performance Coach course focuses on the utilization and application of the Olympic lifts and their assistance exercises, plyometrics and medicine ball training to the realm of sport specific training, power development and injury prevention. The course is appropriate for high school, college and professional sports coaches who work with athletes from other sports besides weightlifting, such as football, track and field, wrestling, etc. It is also appropriate for personal trainers who work with private clients, incorporating weightlifting into their personal fitness routines. There are no prerequisites to take this course.

Each of these accomplishments makes us proud as a gym community. These achievements fuel me personally to continue pushing our athletes. Our athletes train in our gym in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. A small town, not a destination spot. Not only does weightlifting fuel us, but we also pride ourselves on fueling weightlifting: we advocate, we push for growth, and we are proud of this sport. We have had competitors on the following teams: Youth Worlds, Youth Pan Ams, Junior Worlds, Junior Pan Ams, Senior Worlds, Senior Pan Am Championships. We have had a competitor on every single international championship team possible this past year, including the 2019 Senior World Team member, Jordan Wissinger.

As someone who has developed athletes to compete in Youth, Junior, and Senior world teams, the previous funding system was incredible for growing the sport of weightlifting. I could share with parents and athletes the opportunities available in the sport. I could tell them that by working their asses off, they could make a team, represent this country, and continue to develop their character through hard work, determination, and execution. For example, Kate Wehr, another Garage Strength athlete, was on the verge of leaving the sport to focus solely on college. With funding to attend Youth Pan Ams, Kate had the experience of a lifetime and gained the motivation to reach for Junior Worlds. She is now a full-time college student and a world-class athlete. The former system kept athletes in the sport. It promoted and grew the sport of weightlifting.

The meeting was disorganized and unfocused at best. That Saturday evening, some of the best weightlifting coaches in the US sat around a table discussing the experience. Many of us are successful business owners: we discussed the time we lost, the wages we lost, the disorganization, forcing athletes to train off campus at 7:30 AM at a local college gym. Finally one of the USAW representatives asked all of the coaches at the table to rate the quality of the gathering on a scale from 1 to 10. The average rating was a 5.

This letter is an open criticism, but it is also a request to improve procedures and think strategically about the future of weightlifting, not just the current moment. The policies and standards have consistently lived in muddied waters. By improving overall operations and establishing concrete methods that support the growth and sustainability of the sport of weightlifting, not just a select few, the performance of the organization will consistently improve and naturally lead to Olympic success.

Camargo began his coaching career within a year after retiring from competing. As a head coach, he has produced several State, Collegiate and National Champions. Having successfully passed all requisite levels of coaching certifications, and meeting the requirement of athlete production as stipulated in the guidelines of USA Weightlifting, Camargo is currently a U.S. International Level Coach. In 2008, Camargo was elected President of the Florida Weightlifting Federation and is still in office. He has served the Weightlifting community in his home state of Florida, beginning in 2004 as the Vice-President.

At ASFA, we understand that becoming a fitness instructor takes time and effort. Earning an Olympic weightlifting certification online combined with a Powerlifting certification is a great way to stand out from the fitness crowd. An Olympic and powerlifting certification specialty allows fitness professionals to train performance athletes in both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting for both for competition and for general fitness. When searching for an online Olympic weightlifting certification program or powerlifting certification program, it is essential to find the best Olympic and powerlifting certification school for your needs. That is the reason our online fitness instructor certifications have testing available 24/7! 041b061a72


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