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Citrus (Dub) [BEST]

Citran., From citrus, a) a genus of trees and shrubs which produce b) distinctive fruits noted for their juicy flesh and concentration of Vitamin C and citric acid, such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits.

Citrus (Dub)

Eau de parfum 5 ml, 0.17 FL. OZ. PHTALOBLUE. Surrender to an eau de parfum encapsulating the nativeness and briskness of a day at the sea. Phtaloblue is fresh and bright with elegant citrus and herbaceous notes , and at the same time rich and deep with balsamic woody and floral accords. Phtaloblue will accompanying you through your day redefining the aquatic genre.

The smoke could not be any more creamy throughout the entire process, with the inhale possessing a light & airy gas that brings those vanilla terps from the nose onto the palate. The exhale was as equally delicate with a slight herbal, almost citrus dusted flowery note to it that reminded me of white tea, followed by some baking spices like nutmeg or cinnamon. This concludes with a sour fuel that lingers with just a trace of what sunscreen lotion smells like after its just been applied.

Share your joy and not your germs! These Hand Sanitizer Bottles are the perfect, travel-sized favor to customize for your wedding reception, guest hotel bags, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries or any special celebration! Inside these elegant travel size bottles is a wonderful citrus-scented hand sanitizer gel that helps to reduce unwanted bacteria and germs on the skin. 041b061a72


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