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Buy Blue Sky Planner ##HOT##

I've been looking all over the place for the Blue Sky Landscape Oriented planner. I saw you mentioned it but when I click the link it takes me to a different planner. Why oh why?! Has it already disappeared from existence??

buy blue sky planner

Download Zip:

I know I can make my own planner, or use a bullet journal, but I get so obsessed with how everything looks that way. I'd rather just by a landscape planner that makes sense to my brain. I have ADHD and process visually and the Mon-Sun days of the week listed vertically is the only thing that makes sense in my brain.

I am on year three of designing my planner on Agendio. It is not a frugal thing; at all; but it lets me create a planner that works for my weird routine and brain. Last year I had a separate Agendio planner and budget planner. This year I figured out how to combine the two and thus save a few dollars.

I use a 4" x 6" Week-at-a Glance day planner. It has to be small enough to fit in my purse. It has a phone number/address section in the back, and every year I copy over the numbers/addresses to the next year's planner. Yes, that's a bit nutty, but I enjoy the ritual. By the way, all of this talk about planners reminds me of the '90s. Anyone remember when the goal was to carry around the biggest, heaviest planner you could find, stuffed with everything? It meant you were somebody important! :-)

Look for a planner that not only has monthly pages, but also weekly pages. The weekly pages give you extra space to list more details for tasks that need to be accomplished on specific days of the week. Not only does the planner have reference calendars, but also a list of major holidays and extra sheets of paper for notes.

Consider any extras that make the planner stand out. For example, there are planners with more than 50 journal pages, colorful stickers, mind map and vision board pages, inner pockets, multiple ribbon bookmarks, pen loops, an elastic closure and sometimes even an attractive gift box. Other planners may have tabs to identify the months, sticky notes and even a ruler.

For the upcoming school year, Erin Condren teacher planners will include weekly, monthly, and yearly planning, lesson planning and goal-setting sections, and more. Additionally, teachers can select planners that are spiral bound, softbound, or even planner pages that fit into binders.

I love the cover options that they offer. They have a variety from pretty floral ones to dots, stripes, and solids. I went with a pretty floral one especially since Aqua is my favorite color! It also comes with a protective cover to protect your planner.

For the cover, you can also add a name frame shape and personalize it with your name, subject or type of planner you plan to use it for. I kept it simple with just my name. You can also choose the font for a fun or classic look.

You then can choose your weekly planner layout. Each one comes with a month on two pages, but the weekly layouts are all different. The three options are a horizontal lined week on two pages, a week on one page with to do list and notes on the other side, and simply lined notes pages after every month. The ones shown below are all in the professional theme.

For my planner, I chose the menu planner because cooking is always a challenge for me, the daily schedule pages for when days are extra hectic and I just need a timed schedule, grid notes pages, stickers, and a double sided pocket folder.

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Sky has done it again. On a mission to help people everywhere plan to do more of what they love, the company is proud to introduce a new program dedicated to shining a light on American artists and creators. "Artisans & Makers," which launched on Dec. 25 in store and online at a national retailer, brings U.S. shoppers a unique selection of planning calendars designed exclusively by three artists hand selected by Blue Sky. Blending design and productivity, the 10-piece 2023 selection of planners features the works of illustrator Rashida Coleman-Hale, surface designer Alison Janssen Studio, and printmaker and surface designer Jen Hewett, all chosen for their talent, unique style, and contributions to the artist community.

Rashida Coleman-Hale has been drawing ever since she could pick up a pencil. Inspired by countless childhood summers in Japan, Rashida's illustrations are colorful, playful, and graphic. Her four wirebound 2023 planners for Blue Sky's "Artisans & Makers" program feature cover designs in solid navy, solid pink, and a charming blue and white flying crane pattern.

Alison Janssen is a Southern California-based surface designer with Midwestern roots. Her art is inspired by the sunny endless summers, a plethora of plants, and the laid-back vibe of the West Coast. She has four wirebound 2023 planners and one wall calendar and planner sheet in the program, which are adorned in butterflies and floral motifs in feminine shades of pink, green, and blue.

Jen Hewett is a printmaker, surface designer, textile artist, and author based in the Hudson Valley. Jen's work combines her love of loud prints, 1970s maximalism, and saturated colors with the textures and light of the landscapes that surround her. Her contribution to Blue Sky's 2023 "Artisans & Makers" program is a light blue faux leather bookbound planner featuring a colorful pattern within the interior covers and a gold foil "Heart Flowers" symbol on the cover.

Blue Sky "Artisans & Makers" planners are available in various sizes dated from January 2023 to December 2023. Planners are available for purchase now through late February at a national retailer. Pricing ranges from $11.99-$16.99. Blue Sky is excited to grow their partnership with new artists each year to expand the "Artisans & Makers" program in the future.

About Blue Sky:The #1 selling Dated Products brand in the U.S.*, Blue Sky represents more than just a pretty planner. Recognized for its extensive array of dated planners, calendars, notebooks, and more, Blue Sky products help the millions who dream of achieving organization reach their goals, in style (hello, form and function). Blue Sky has solidified its role as a force in the lifestyle category through partnerships with top brands like The Home Edit, cupcakes and cashmere, Ashley G, and now Ivory Paper Co, who have trusted Blue Sky with bringing their unique visions to life. And the world has taken notice. Blue Sky products have been featured by media including Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, Business Insider, New York Magazine, Essence, and more. Plan to do more of what you love.

Paper planners are calendars that help you keep track of tasks, appointments, ideas, and so on. They let you see the week or month all at once, in a clear and legible way. No planner is one-size-fits-all. Picking one comes down to personal preference, whether you like to schedule things down to the minute or just jot a few weekly notes. Some people want a balance of enough space for their jottings but in a book that can easily fit in their bag.

Planner styles get even more detailed, and we break down the ways to choose what's right for you at the end of this guide. We talked to two stationery store owners and a productivity expert to get their advice on how to pick a planner.

"There are lots of different, great planners, and it just kind of depends on thinking about how you want to plan your week and how you want to visualize your week," said Jeremy Crown, who co-owns Little Otsu, a paper store in Portland, Oregon. Whatever style of planner you prefer, you'll be able to find something in the list below.

The planner also comes with stickers to help you personalize your pages. With a sturdy cover in colors from black to rose gold to royal blue, it should be easy enough to find one that matches your style.

Compact yet rugged enough to toss in a backpack, Field Notes' 56-week planner is no-frills but fully functional. Each week gets two pages, with Saturday and Sunday sharing space. They're undated, so you can start anytime, miss a couple weeks, and pick back up without wasting pages. As the name suggests, you get space for over a year, with 112 pages total.

Bloom's planners are full of lists and charts for you to fill out and help you figure out how to schedule the year ahead. There are vision boards and habit-tracking options included. You can also sign up for additional, downloadable sheets for bill tracking, meal planning, and so on.

The nice thing about Bloom is that it has almost countless options for getting exactly what you want. The planners come in both softcover and hardcover options, and there are several planner layouts to choose from. For teachers, there are undated versions, as well as ones that start in July. If you have a wedding or new baby on the horizon, there are planners for that, too.

The classic version of the Panda Planner is undated, with room for three months of daily tracking. There are also weekly and monthly sections, and the planner is designed for those who need lots of on-page support, with boxes for morning and end-of-day reviews, habit tracking, and priorities. Each day gets an undated two-page spread, so you can skip weekends if you want something more work-focused.

For anyone interested in gratitude journaling, this planner is made for daily reflections, including short sections on things you're grateful for, goals you want to accomplish, and good deeds you did that day. It also has inspirational quotes and a habit tracker for more ambitious goal-setting.

There are a few styles to choose from, including undated, daily, and weekly layouts. On the website, you can also choose whether you want your planner's week to begin on Sunday or Monday. Small, medium, and large sizes are available, with the biggest being a bit larger than a standard sheet of paper.

This well-designed, pocket-sized planner from Quo Vadis has a textured, faux leather cover. It's helpful to go on the Quo Vadis website because it lays out all the options available for its planners: Academic or calendar year; daily, weekly, or monthly format; and small, medium, or large size. 041b061a72


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