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What is handicap betting in the match and tips for the best way to play

What is In-Play Handicap Betting?

What is In-Play Handicap Betting? Simply put, this is a type of soccer bet that can be made at any time after the match has started and before it ends. When you understand what in-play handicap betting is, you realize that this type of bet is used while a soccer match between two teams is ongoing.

You can make many in-play handicap bets similar to regular sports betting such as:

  • Total

  • Point Spread

  • Money Line

Remember that the lines and odds will continuously change based on what is happening in the game.

Additionally, there are special proposition football betting tips 1x2 that can only be made thanks to live betting. A popular one is betting on who will score the next goal. When the next goal occurs, that bet is settled, and a new market opens for betting on the next player to score.

Because it is a complex system that depends heavily on technology to operate smoothly, not all casinos and online sportsbooks in Vietnam offer live betting. However, the leading ones that can handle this task offer many exciting in-play bets combined with perfect software.

Currently, since in-play betting lines are largely determined by humans, the general consensus is that in-play lines are looser simply because bettors have less time to research and are more likely to make subtle mistakes.

This holds true for all sports in live betting – this is what makes it a particularly special opportunity for those passionate about online soccer betting.

What is in-play handicap betting? Why are there fewer live bets than regular bets?

You now understand the concept of in-play handicap betting, but you might wonder why sportsbooks offer certain betting lines during a match but not as many as the pre-match available bets. The reason for the fewer in-play betting options is due to several factors, mainly time and manpower.

There are simply too many games happening on the board, and there isn't enough time to win prediction or staff to provide a full range of accurate lines for in-game betting because the dynamics of each game change too quickly.

Each sport is different, and each event has a lot of continuously fluctuating variables happening simultaneously across a range of actions.

As technology improves to provide bookmakers with the tools they need to offer live betting, expect more and more websites to expand their range of in-play betting opportunities.

Looking at the scope of online sportsbooks currently in operation, the way a website handles live betting is a significant differentiator.

Some websites have taken the lead while others have fallen behind and are forced to accommodate their customers with things like sweeter bonus offers and better odds.

What is in-play handicap betting? How are live betting odds calculated?

When bookmakers are tasked with creating new lines during the course of an event, it is referred to as Running Odds, and the people doing this job are sometimes called 'odds compilers' or 'traders'.

Because the action in the game resolves a lot of different events happening really quickly, calculating odds is actually quite challenging.

There are two main things that odds compilers have to figure out:

The likelihood of new future outcomes of each match (and many other in-game outcomes like props, totals, etc.)

The necessary house edge they need to maintain to accept each specific risk. For a reference on how sportsbooks aim to achieve consistent profit, you can check our article on the concept of '-110'.

What are the strategies for in-play handicap betting?

Here are some of the best strategies to follow and make a part of your daily sports betting routine:

Research the games before they occur

  • If you’re spending time and effort on your pre-game bets, a positive side effect is that you’ll be ready to act when live in-game lines appear.

As the game unfolds, it starts telling a story. Whatever direction the story takes, it will impact the dialogue compared to the original script.

Think of it as if you’re the author writing the story, and each event in the game is foreshadowing what’s to come. If you’re good at this skill, you’ll be able to identify the best in-game odds and take advantage of them.

Pay attention

Think of it this way: if you want to find an edge in an in-game bet, you need to watch and analyze the game better than the bookmakers. That may be a tall order, but at least you’re making an effort and have a clear goal.

By thinking about it this way and focusing on the game, you’ll have a better chance to pick up on small details like momentum shifts or certain players getting hot, exploiting opponents, or having unusually good nights. The bookies are human, so you might pick up on something they don’t.

Identify factors that can change the dynamics of the game

If a team is trailing by a large margin, they might start taking more risks and passing more. A soccer club trailing by a goal late in the game will push more attacking players forward, which might lead to more corners, shots on goal, or counter-attacking opportunities in a different way.

By understanding these forced changes, you can predict lines that will shift and how to bet them.

Look for line changes when the underdog starts well

When a favorite falls behind early, it might force a sportsbook to move the line too quickly. If you’re confident that the favorite will come back and everyday winning soccer tips, you might take advantage of a more favorable line than before the game started.

Again, make sure you’re actually watching the game with your own eyes and see why they’re losing early. Is the underdog just lights out or have they figured something out? If it’s the latter, maybe the favorite won’t come back.

Have a plan and persistently execute it

Be prepared to move and move quickly but also stay within your bank account and not get carried away. With live betting, you might find yourself chasing your losses multiple times during each game. That’s a recipe for disaster.

What are tips for in-play handicap betting?

When learning how to bet on NFL football, an important rule to remember is that a team with a large lead tends to run the ball more and try to slow down the clock. A team trailing by a large margin may need to pass more to catch up quickly. These factors greatly affect in-game betting, so pay close attention.

Aside from specific strategies, the most obvious reason why in-game betting differs from pre-game betting is the score. If an underdog team takes an early lead, the lineup can change suddenly and vice versa.

Many websites only offer live betting for football during halftime. However, we are beginning to see sites getting ahead of the curve by offering full NFL live betting options. We can only assume that others will soon follow their lead and join in with a full set of in-game betting options.

One of the main advantages of live betting is the addition of information. Teams have a week to plan, strategize, and tactically prepare for a particular opponent. They certainly keep this secret from the public.

When the game starts, the cat is out of the bag, and information flows in all forms, including:

  • Sudden changes in personnel and lineup adjustments that a team has been keeping quiet for tactical purposes.

  • We can observe how a defensive coordinator chooses to use his defensive packages.

  • Whether each team is cautious or aggressive in their play.

  • Do the respective coaches make decisions they usually wouldn't? Try to figure out why and whether you can appropriately in-game bet.

  • None of these factors are guaranteed before the game starts but can become apparent to everyone once the game has developed its identity. When this happens, information can shape new expected outcomes.

Football matches, although not typically high-scoring games, still provide many exciting elements that can be bet on. The range of betting is vast and can be team or individual. Even in a scoreless match, you can bet on actions like:

  • The total number of corners for each side

  • Free kicks for each side

  • Yellow cards

  • Red cards

  • Offsides

  • Goals scored

  • Total number of passes

  • Now, if you think all these bets are available before the match starts, imagine how the movement of the lines will change as the game actually gets into gear.

Therefore, the live betting aspects of a game can escalate quickly. Statistically in football, most professional matches are 0-0 at halftime. This tends to happen when teams make fewer early mistakes when their team is at its peak both mentally and physically.

What many football bettors focus on, as matches continue into the second half, is extending odds for the favorite team. The closer it gets to 90 minutes with the game tied, the longer the odds stretch for the favorite team (and the underdog for that matter) to score late in the game.


The above article has explained to you what in-play handicap betting is in the context of online football. Hopefully, the knowledge in the article will help you succeed in your betting soccer prediction 100 win.


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