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Though she\u2019s too young for Gen-X to claim her, Aubrey Plaza has cultivated an image of slacker disaffection, much like the fabled girl from the record store, only much less likely to be impressed by your collection of rare SST singles. Yet she\u2019s proven herself to be rangier than her Parks & Recreation eye-roller, though she never plays characters who could be described as \u201Cebullient.\u201D She was practically made in a lab to play the Hal Hartley femme fatale of Ned Rifle, but her poker face gets deployed to even more surprising effect in Emily the Criminal, which calls for a down-to-earth toughness that\u2019s miles away from deadpan comedy. Her range of expression is still narrow, but only because the stakes are too high for her character to breathe.

Emily the Criminal image

With that, Emily gets her introduction to the L.A. criminal underground, where the hours are flexible, the pay is great, and there are ample opportunities for upward mobility. (Here, red flags on one\u2019s personal record are like r\u00E9sum\u00E9-padding.) For her first job, Emily is asked to pay for a flatscreen television and walk it out of the store, with the catch being that she\u2019ll be using a stolen credit card number. She handles that nervy exchange well, however, and starts to develop a nice rapport with Youcef (Theo Rossi), her Lebanese recruiter. Future gigs increase the risk and the payday exponentially, drawing Emily and Youcef deeper into a shady, violent world of cutthroats and con artists.

Aubrey Plaza plays Emily, a young woman saddled with student debt and completely locked out of the job market due to having a criminal record. Looking for income wherever she can get it, Emily takes shady gigs, including where she buys goods with stolen credit cards. Her foray into crime gets deeper from there.

From the very beginning, I felt bad for Emily. She was working a dead-end job, crippled by debt, and unable to acquire a career job because of her criminal record (the explanation, of which, is not revealed till later). When granted the opportunity for a little extra cash so that she can pay off more than just the accruing interest on her college loans, I can understand why. Her motivations seem so clear early on. But time and time again, she makes bad choices, like breaking the rules. In time, my sympathy for her wanes.

Along with co-star Theo Rossi, Plaza previously addressed the film in an exclusive interview with MovieWeb. She explained how, in preparation for her rule, she had to learn exactly how to pull off the scams that her character does. She noted how learning that process alone "felt very kind of criminal," and jokes how that knowledge will stay with her forever, perhaps one day coming in handy.

While appearing on The Tonight Show just the night before, Aubrey told host Jimmy Fallon that director Edgar Wright actually thought she was cast as a the new Lara Croft after seeing a promo image for the flick.

Emily Kohrs, who spent eight months hearing evidence and witness testimony as part of the Fulton County criminal probe, recently took part in a media blitz detailing some aspects of the special grand jury's report, including indictment recommendations.

Former Department of Justice inspector general Michael Bromwich described Kohrs as a "reckless idiot" on Twitter amid reports that a number of Republican witnesses in Fulton County are preparing to move to quash any possible indictments because of her public statements during the ongoing criminal investigation.

Emily returned to Sloan Law Firm in October 2021 and presently focuses her practice in the areas of domestic relations, mediation, conciliation, civil mediation, juvenile law, criminal defense, guardianships, wills, and small estates. Emily is a trained Guardian Ad Litem practicing in both juvenile and domestic courts. She is also a Supreme Court approved civil mediator and a Supreme Court approved domestic relations mediator as well as a domestic relations conciliator for high conflict domestic cases. 041b061a72


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